Bruce B. Billings

IMG_20160318_214118Teacher. Writer. Middle-initial enthusiast. Bruce B. Billings is all of those things and more. His workdays are characterized by lesson plans, pencil shavings, and “Mr. Billings, how do you write a lowercase B?” His spare time, however, is devoted to cultivating his craft as a writer.

Through SEO content writing, Bruce has become confident behind the keys and learned that specializing in any subject is only a matter of time, research, and enthusiasm.

Bruce’s love for learning has manifested itself in the classroom, but now writing has become his preferred medium for educating and informing. As a teacher he’s learned to be quick and creative, diligent and daring–He hopes to take these skills into his career as a writer.

To take a closer look at Bruce’s skills in action, check out his portfolio or blog.

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